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Cute doodle dinosaur
Dog in Green Halloween Costume, Eaten by Dinosaur Lizard
Dinosaur Toys on the White Background
Brown Dinosaur Mascot
Top View of Plastic Miniature Toys
 Prehistoric Dinosaur Toys
A Toy Dinosaur on the Grass
Toy dinosaurs


Pat here

I'm a self-proclaimed graphic designer who sold out for a finance degree a while back to be able to pay the bills. Nowadays, I’m in data & tech.

To fulfill my creative void, I do volunteer design work for non-profit organizations mostly through Catchafire.

I like helping good people and good causes, and enjoy turning ideas into reality.

[this is my dog Gracie, not Pat;

she's much cuter]

What I Can Do for You

Graphic Design 3D Illustration

Create Artistic

Graphic Design

I can whip up a load of different types of designs for you depending on what you're looking for. We can move quickly if you have brand guidelines and copy, or can build from scratch.

Creative boost

Boost Your

Brand Design

What brand doesn't want their design and materials to look awesome? I'm here to help with that. I love putting on the design and marketing hats to help take brands to the next level.

Financial Growth Concept

Bring Your

Numbers to Life

As someone with a lengthy, core experience in finance and data & analytics, I can design for style while helping make your numbers clear, concise and come to life.

Past work

with some of the good people and good causes I've had the opportunity to design with and help out.

Instagram & Social

2022 Annual Report

I designed Clean River Partner's 2022 Community Impact Report, one of the most important ways they communicate with their members every year.

Head to their website to check out their 2022 Community Impact Report and all their great work.

Keep scrolling to check out printed copies of their report.


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"Working with Pat was WONDERFUL! He was so responsive and helpful, and he made a truly beautiful product. He even produced a couple of graphics that we'll be able to continue using to tell the story of one of our projects in particular. He understood our visual brand guide right away and his expertise on what would be meaningful and useful to an audience really helped us!"

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Jennifer Tonko

Executive Director

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2022 Annual Report

I designed HEAL Utah's 2022 Annual Report to help them grow awareness about their organization, and highlight their important work and progress.

Follow the link to the right to check out what they achieved in 2022 and how their annual report turned out.

Keep scrolling to check out printed copies of their report.


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"Thank you for all your help and expertise on this! We are so grateful for your help and are excited to start sending these out!"

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Meisei Gonzalez

Communications Director

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2022 Annual Report

I designed LINGO's 2022 Annual Report. Head to their website to check out the 2022 Annual Report & all their great work!


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"Pat went above and beyond to work on our annual report. He was able to guide us through the process with his design expertise, and gave us advice along the way to produce an annual report with features we hadn't even considered in our plans. After the project was done, he invited us on a call to walk us through how to replicate his work for the next years. This was a very smooth and professional collaboration, I would highly recommend Pat as a volunteer!"

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Francesco Loyola

Operations Manager & Fundraising Coordinator


I designed an activity menu for Kids First Initiative's (KFI) STEAM Ignite program to help them highlight what they offer in some of the most popular activities they offer to get more kids involved.

Head to Kids First Initiative's website to learn more about their efforts, programming and more.